How to get the worn out timber look for garage doors

If you’re looking to give your garage door a rustic, unique appearance, creating a weathered, timber look finish is a simple and easy way to do so. Painting ordinary roller doors to look like wood is an inexpensive way to improve curb appeal and add some visual interest. All you ...
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How to secure roller garage doors

When electing to install a roller door in your garage, it is important to ensure the doors are installed safely and securely, and maintained just as well. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of intruders breaking into Australian homes by forcing old garage roller ...
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How much sideroom for garage door opener

Did you know that you don’t need a lot of side room space for a garage door opener? If your garage is narrow, we’ve got a range of slim garage door openers that will fit into your particular space and operate with your preferred type of door. Glidermatic GTS+ The ...
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timber garage door weathered

How to give your timber garage door a weathered look

Distressed, aged wood has a unique colour, texture, and patina. Its look adds character and a rustic charm to your home. If you want to match your timber garage door with the theme and style of your home on a limited budget, you can create an old look from your ...
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shuddering roller door

How to stop a shuddering garage roller door

Bad rollers, bent tracks, or problems with the garage door opener can result in a shuddering garage roller door. Here is how to stop it: Dry roller bearings Depending on the grade and the material, rollers can withstand stress and pressure of between 10,000 and 100,000 cycles. Before wearing out ...
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tilt garage door

How does a tilt garage door work?

Is your garage too small to accommodate sectional doors or roller doors? If so, you don’t need to worry because tilt garage doors are stylish and are designed for limited spaces. Here is how a tilt garage door works: Opening and closing Lifting the tilt garage door leads to the ...
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sectional garage door

How to build a sectional garage door

A sectional garage door is one of the most popular form of garage door. They are usually made up of between three and eight separate sections, which are then mounted horizontally and hinged and bracketed together. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how you can build a sectional ...
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Garage Upgrade

Garage Upgrade. Top 4 reasons to replace your home’s garage door

One of the top things on a homeowner’s mind is often the subject of home improvement. Popular home improvement projects can take longer than expected or easily go beyond the budget. A garage upgrade is an often overlooked option, yet it’s affordable, fast, and easy. Here are the top four ...
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roller door motors

Roller Door Motors – They’re Cool!

We don’t generally take much notice of garage door motors. We press the button and the door opens…and press it again and the door closes. You may think that there’s not much to them, but you’d be wrong. Door opening mechanisms are very common now, but there was a time, ...
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Roller Door Repair – A Guide

In most situations, your garage door opens and closes pretty much normally, as and when required. So it’s only natural to worry about roller door repairs until something goes wrong. Sometimes it’s a pretty simple fix – but often you may be in for large repair bills or even need ...
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panel lift garage doors

Panel Lift Garage Doors – Are They the Best Choice?

Are you looking for garage doors for a new build or to replace existing ones? The choices you are faced with can seem a little daunting – after all, you just want a garage door, right? There are actually seven major types. Roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged, tilt-up canopy, ...
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Is Your Garage Door Remote Secure?

Why Your Garage Door Remote Needs to be Secure If you own or rent a house with a garage, then you might want to know the following about garage door security. It doesn’t matter if you have a roller, tilt or sectional door.  There are a few tricks that are ...
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Sectional Garage Door Panels – A Guide

Why Use Sectional Garage Door Panels? There are many different garage door style available to the homeowner. However, none of those styles offer as many advantages as using sectional garage door panels. Some of the Benefits on Offer Insulated Sectional Garage Door Panels – Delivering Strength and Economy Sectional garage door ...
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Garage Door Security. How can I avoid a garage break-in?

So, you’ve installed a beautiful new garage door in your home. Perhaps a modern, timber look door, a tilt door or a wonderfully unique custom door. You’re thrilled with the outcome, but you may not have considered the garage door security you can put in place to decrease the likelihood ...
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What Are Panel Lift Doors?

Choosing the best sort of garage door is not a simple task. With so many style to choose from, where do you start? The garage door usually faces the road and is quite a large feature of your home, so you want something that is stylish and makes a good ...
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garage door repairs

Garage Door Repairs. Is Your Garage Safe?

Don’t Neglect Your Garage Door Repairs When was the last time you took a look to see if your garage doors needed repair or replacement? Although garage doors are used frequently (daily, in some households), they frequently get overlooked for maintenance or repair until something goes badly wrong! Why wait ...
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Why Choose a Tilt Garage Door?

A garage door is just a door isn’t it? Well the short answer is “not really”. There are many types, swing, roller, panel and the tilt garage door. So what difference does it make which to choose? What Makes a Tilt Garage Door Different? A tilt garage door is a ...
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What’s Next for the Garage Door Closer?

The innocuous garage door closer bears closer inspection. Over the past ten years, garage door closers have become highly sophisticated. This allows for all sorts of flexibility. Today’s garage door closer can be accessed from anywhere The advent of The Internet of Things (IoT) has turned home automation on its ...
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timber look garage door

The Benefit of a Timber Look Garage Door

There's no doubt, timber is a wonderful building material. It's a natural material that is very adaptable and adds a touch of class to your home. If you've already chosen timber as the material for your garage door, please read the following and consider the use of a timber look ...
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What Are Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors are one of many door options available. A very practical solution operating smoothly and neatly, with a very small footprint.
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garage door repair

Garage Door Repair – What to Look For

Garage door repair can be to expensive, so it makes sense to keep yourself informed of what to look for and regularly maintain your garage doors and avoid being out of pocket. Make sure you buy good quality There’s always a trade off in quality when you select the lowest ...
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garage door safety

Garage Door Safety Tips

One part of the house that hardly gets thought about are the humble garage doors. They simply open and close on demand … most of the time. However sometimes they fail to operate or become noisy. We don’t often think about garage door safety – but the following list should ...
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Are Renovations Your Best Choice?

If you are planning home renovations, there is probably a large list of tasks already. If your garage doors need attention, it could well be that attempting to repair it and bring it back to its former glory will be more costly than simply replacing it. There’s plenty to consider ...
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garage door colour

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Colour for Your Home

Garage Door Colour Makes a Big Difference to Your Home There are a all sorts of factors that help form the overall look and curb appeal of your home. The construction materials used and landscaping are big factors, but so is the use of colour. Even the smaller details such as ...
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