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How to give your timber garage door a weathered look

Distressed, aged wood has a unique colour, texture, and patina. Its look adds character and a rustic charm to your home. If you want to match your timber garage door with the theme and style of your home on a limited budget, you can create an old look from your new wood since reclaimed wood is a bit expensive. Here is how to give your timber garage door a weathered look:

Using paint

Once rubbed into paint, patinas are perfect for antiquing wood, metals and walls. Layering paint with an overlay of coloured furniture wax like dark brown shoe polish can also give your wood an aged look. Alternatively, you can customise your own colours with lime wash or chalk style painting.

Using a vinegar solution

Putting nails or steel wool in vinegar and letting it sit overnight can give you a natural black patina, grey-brown, or silvery grey timber look. The finish you get from aging your timber garage door using vinegar solution will depend on;

• The type of wood

Depending on the strength of the staining solution, basswood and balsa can turn dark brown or grey. Oak, on the other hand, is likely to blacken.

• The strength of the solution

The stronger the solution, the darker the colouration. You can test the solution by brushing it on a piece of wood. Dilute it with water if you desire a lighter shade or let it sit longer if you want it darker.

Remember that the vinegar and steel wool solution can be highly acidic. To protect your fabric and other items from the acid effect, consider sealing it with a coat of matte acrylic varnish.

• The roughness of the wood

Rough wood absorbs the vinegar/steel solution much faster. Here are ways to get the timber rough;

i. Sharp objects

Tight groupings created by sharp nails can imitate insect activities. Screws tapped with a hammer can create a similar effect.

ii. Blunt objects

Blunt objects like chains or the side of a hammer can create perfect low dents on the wood.

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