What Are Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors are one of many door options available to you; it is a very practical solution, operating smoothly and neatly, leaving a very small footprint.

How Are Roller Garage Doors are Constructed?

Roller garage doors are made up of slats that can roll around themselves across the top of the opening. They are manufactured from aluminium or steel.

Door Systems Australia’s range of roller garage doors offer great security and safety features. There are also less moving parts than other types of garage door.

Convenient for Placing in Difficult Locations

Given their small footprint, roller garage doors can be placed where there is limited headroom. They can also be inserted into a wall or fence. These offer an alternative to a gate with a large opening for vehicles into a yard.

Major Benefits

  • High Security
  • Made to Measure
  • Remote Controlled
  • Space Saving

Added Benefits

Another advantage a roller garage door offers is that it can be fitted behind, inbetween or in front of the opening.

Roller garage doors can be adapted to fitting in many types of openings.

This most versatile of garage doors is available in a wide range of sizes or colours. contact us today for a free measure & quote.

Door Systems Australia also offer other types of garage door such as timber look, tilt and sectional. We offer the Gliderol range of doors, made in Australia. Gliderol have been providing state of the art garage doors for 40 years, designed to each customers individual wants and needs. So you can be confident that when you purchase a Gliderol garage door, we care about the quality of our products just as much as you do. With a range of garage doors designed to suit both modern and traditional homes, you can rest assured that your new Gliderol garage door will add strength, safety and style to your home.

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