Roller Door Repair – A Guide

In most situations, your garage door opens and closes pretty much normally, as and when required. So it’s only natural to worry about roller door repairs until something goes wrong. Sometimes it’s a pretty simple fix – but often you may be in for large repair bills or even need a replacement door.

A lot of trouble can be avoided by regularly inspecting and maintaining key parts of the mechanism. Those squeaks and grinds that we hear when the door is operating are actually calls for help. Some aspects of maintenance though are best left to the professionals – so it’s important to get to know a reputable door installer or repairer that specialises in roller door repair. Some of the issues to look out for:

The Garage Door Sensor Is Not Aligned

If your door has an opener, there will be a sensor located toward the bottom of the door. These operate by shining an invisible light into a receiver and and as the beam is aligned, the door stops at the top or the bottom. There are usually other mechanisms on the door to sense when it hits the floor or when it the door has fully opened. These are backups to the sensor and are only really there as safety measures. If the sensor is not aligned and these backups are constantly being used, it can cause damage to the door. Sensor alignment is probably best handled by your roller door repair specialist.

The Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Sometimes roller doors have a spring that assists the motor with opening and closing. If you have an opener, you shouldn’t be trying to open or close the door manually. You should regularly inspect the spring for signs of rust or unusual bending.

If you do not have an opener and the door is heavy to lift or slams down dangerously when closing, this is a sure sign that the spring is broken.

Trying to replace a garage door spring is not a DIY project. Springs, even when broken, can hold a lot of energy. If you do not know what you are doing, a spring can suddenly uncoil, potentially causing serious injury. This is another job for your roller door repair specialist.

The Remote Doesn’t Work

This is usually a pretty easy fix – change the batteries! However, if it still won’t open there may be a problem with the mechanism. Try turning off the power to the door motor at the wall and then switch it back on. This will restart the computer controller and may fix the issue. If this fails, contact your roller door repair specialist.

Of course, Door Systems Australia is always available to assist you. We would be happy to take a call and discuss any problems you may be having with your roller door repair. We offer a full maintenance and repair service.

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