How to secure roller garage doors

When electing to install a roller door in your garage, it is important to ensure the doors are installed safely and securely, and maintained just as well. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of intruders breaking into Australian homes by forcing old garage roller doors. For this reason, it is imperative to keep the following tips about roller door security in mind.

Ensure regular maintenance of roller doors

Old and damaged doors are much easier for intruders to break through than a door that has been kept in the best possible condition. We suggest booking your roller door in for a regular service to ensure it stays safe and secure for years to come, and checking all mechanical parts often.

Remote door openers

Most homeowners use remote door openers to open and close their roller doors. While remote roller door openers are efficient and easy to use, they do pose some safety risks. We suggest attaching your remote opener to your key chain. Avoid keeping the opener in your car or any place where it could end up in the wrong hands. You may worry about the possibility of a code grabber device interfering with your door opener. Thankfully, while code grabber devices have been a security concern in the past, modern automatic garage door openers have technology to protect against these devices.

Cover your garage windows

If your garage door features windows, it is a good idea to cover or frost them to avoid potential intruders from peeking inside and seeing when your vehicle is gone. Gliderol offers custom doors to suit all tastes, with windowless roller door options available.

Secure the emergency release on your garage door

While garage doors are very secure, it is possible for intruders to abuse the emergency release mechanism of your door in order to enter using a coat hanger or piece of hooked wire. There are some easy methods you can use to avoid this potential danger. A zip-tie or two, for example, can be used to lock the disengaging arm on the automatic door opener. The emergency release will still function as intended while preventing thieves from circumventing the system.

Photo: Steel Garage 2 roll doors by ProBuiltSteel licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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