Sectional Garage Door Panels – A Guide

Why Use Sectional Garage Door Panels?

There are many different garage door style available to the homeowner. However, none of those styles offer as many advantages as using sectional garage door panels.

Some of the Benefits on Offer

Insulated Sectional Garage Door Panels – Delivering Strength and Economy

Sectional garage door panels can be manufactured from a strong double skin of steel, filled with foam insulation. This adds a significant amount of insulation to your garage in the summer months. Because of the multiple folds in doors constructed from sectional garage door panels, they are more secure than other types, such as the roller door. Both of these add to your comfort and peace of mind should part of your garage be used for other purposes such as a workshop.

Added Home Security

A sectional door features features less weak points, making it one of the most secure designs on the market. They are made from  panels that interlock when closed. The door sits in strong and durable metal tracking. When paired with an automatic door closer that automatically locks, the internal contents of your garage will remain safer and more secure. All of our garage doors can be fitted with manual locking systems as well.

A Wide Range of Choices

Sectional garage door panels can be custom designed, meaning you can create the perfect fit for your home. With a wide range of choices for colour, finish and style, there is sure to be a door to suit your tastes.

Vertical Lift Operation – When You’re Short on Space

Constructed using a number of individual panels that hinge apart during operation a sectional garage door features what is known as “vertical lift operation”. This means that as the door opens and closes it rises vertically within the opening rather than swinging outwards. The result of this is that it is now possible to park a car right up to the garage without creating any pedestrian access issues inside.

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