How much sideroom for garage door opener

Did you know that you don’t need a lot of side room space for a garage door opener? If your garage is narrow, we’ve got a range of slim garage door openers that will fit into your particular space and operate with your preferred type of door.

Glidermatic GTS+

The Glidermatic GTS+ is a sleek garage door opener featuring a completely encased belt drive. It’s an excellent choice for both sectional garage doors and tilt doors. At least 30 mm of side room is required for correct installation of the opener’s brackets.

Glidermatic GTS+ Optima

Ideal for bigger sectional garage doors, the Glidermatic GTS+ Optima is Gliderol’s top of the range overhead operator. Like the Glidermatic GTS+, the Glidermatic GTS+ Optima features a slim line design. The belt drive is safely housed inside a steel casing and all parts are fully contained inside the cover of the operator.

Whether you opt for front mounted torsion springs, or rear mounted torsion springs, the side room requirements for the Glidermatic GTS+ Optima are 120 mm (standard) and 80 mm (minimum).

Glidermatic GRD+

For roller doors, there is really only one solution when side room is restricted: the Glidermatic GRD+. The compact drive unit is entirely contained within the door roll and doesn’t occupy more space than the width of the garage door.

Do be aware, however, that supporting brackets need to be installed and fitted slightly wider than the roller; just 25 mm on both sides of the opening of the garage door are required.

Glidermatic Dual GRD+

This is the ideal door opener for roller doors larger than 12m2. As with the Glidermatic GRD+, the Dual drive unit has been cleverly designed to fit inside the door roll so that it does not extend beyond the width of the garage door. This door opener also has supporting brackets which require 25 mm of side room space on each side.

So let’s recap: sectional and tilt garage door openers require a little more side room than roller door openers. But regardless of the type of garage door you prefer, the side room requirements are really quite minimal with the Gliderol door openers. Contact us today at to find out more.

Photo: Garage by pfly licensed under Creative commons 5

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