shuddering roller door

How to stop a shuddering garage roller door

Bad rollers, bent tracks, or problems with the garage door opener can result in a shuddering garage roller door. Here is how to stop it:

Dry roller bearings

Depending on the grade and the material, rollers can withstand stress and pressure of between 10,000 and 100,000 cycles. Before wearing out completely, the bearings inside zinc, nylon, and steel rollers tend to dry out. The dryness causes the rollers to become stiff and shake when moving.

Solution: Lubricate

Consider adding motor oil to the dry roller bearings to moisturise and lubricate them. A cotton ball or cotton swab is effective in applying a small amount of motor oil in the middle part of each roller. You can also apply the oil on the inside track of the garage door to make it easier for the rollers to move. Remember to only use a small amount of motor oil to ensure that it does not become too slippery.

Worn out or gouged plastic rollers

Plastic rollers are sometimes used in place of nylon and metal rollers. In most cases, plastic rollers do not contain bearings and tend to wear off over time. They may start to feel rough and hinder smooth movement of roller doors.

Solution: Replacement

A garage door repair specialist can help you replace the rollers. Commercial grade rollers are ideal because they contain more bearings, are made from tempered steel stems, and last longer. Remember to use a socket wrench or screwdriver to tighten the hardware along the track of the garage door. This is because loose hardware can cause shuddering as well.

Moving opener

Low clearances may mean that the opener will have to sit too close to the ceiling. As a result, the opener will either knock against it or cause the hardware to vibrate.

Solution: anti-vibration pads

The anti-vibrator pads can be put around the hardware that attaches the ceiling and the garage door opener. The pads are made from elastomer, dense form, or laminate materials to reduce movements.

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