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Garage Door Safety Tips

One part of the house that hardly gets thought about are the humble garage doors. They simply open and close on demand … most of the time. However sometimes they fail to operate or become noisy. We don’t often think about garage door safety – but the following list should give you some pointers to help ensure the wellbeing of you and your family. If you are not sure or need some help, call in the professionals.

1. Check the springs

There are two basic types of door opening springs; a torsion or extension spring. Either type can corrode or weaken, so it is important to check and make sure they aren’t broken or misshapen. This is probably the most important thing to check for garage door safety.

2. Rollers

Garage door safety can be compromised if the door breaks out of its track, so check the rollers and make sure they are not damaged or degraded.

3. Door tracks

Walk to the back of the garage and look at the tracks to make sure each side is in parallel alignment. You may wish to also check  all the track bolts are firmly tightened.

4. Hinges

Again, corrosion and loose screws/bolts can pose a threat to garage door safety. Check them all and take action accordingly.

5. Cables

Usually in a pair, one each side of the door, lifting cables need to be inspected for fraying and that they are wrapping around the  reels correctly (these are usually at the top of the tracks).

6. Door rail

If the carriage assembly that pulls the door consists of three pieces, check to see if the bolts holding them together are firmly tightened.

7. Door opener drive

If you have an opener, it is probably chain or belt driven. Make sure the drive tension is correct, with some give in the chain or belt. They should not be stretched very tight but should be taut enough so that it doesn’t hang out of the door opener carriage.


If you do find any significant or unusual problem, don’t try to repair the broken part yourself, especially if it has anything to do with the spring system. This is a major garage door safety issue.

Don’t wait until your garage door stops working just when you need it most! Contact us now to schedule a service call!

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