Why Choose a Tilt Garage Door?

A garage door is just a door isn’t it? Well the short answer is “not really". There are many types, swing, roller, panel and the tilt garage door. So what difference does it make which to choose?

What Makes a Tilt Garage Door Different?

A tilt garage door is a single panel door that lifts in one movement, tilting up to the horizontal to nest above the garage opening. They are held in a hinged cradle with pivoting arms, often counter balanced using a single or pair of springs. The materials used for the door panel are varied. Formed steel or aluminium are commonly used, both of which are lighter than timber.

Why Choose a Tilt Garage Door Over Other Types?

A tilt garage door offers a number of advantages:

  • Tilt garage doors require relatively little headroom when opened. They can rest quite close to the ceiling of the garage.
  • From a design point of view, they offer great flexibility. A wide range of materials and can be painted without regard to the seams or joins that you would get from a multi-panelled door.
  • A tilt garage door lends itself more readily to features. You can add windows or pedestrian doors (a door for a person built into the wider panel).

What About Maintenance?

In general, a tilt garage door has less moving parts than other door types. However, they still require regular checking to make sure that they are working sa. The most important thing to watch for are corrosion or deformity in the springs. The springs are kept under quite a lot of tension and when they break, they can cause property damage or even personal injury.

Where Can I See the Different Garage Door Styles Together Before I Choose?

Door Systems Australia have a showroom in St Marys where we can show you the different door types and discuss your particular situation in detail. We have been supplying and installing garage doors for over thirty years and will happily offer you the benefit of our experience.

If you would like a free measure and quote for your tilt garage door, contact us.

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