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Panel Lift Garage Doors – Are They the Best Choice?

Are you looking for garage doors for a new build or to replace existing ones? The choices you are faced with can seem a little daunting Рafter all, you just want a garage door, right? There are actually seven major types. Roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged, tilt-up canopy, tilt-up retractable and panel lift garage doors.

Panel Lift Garage Doors

Panel lift garage doors are also known as sectional doors. As the name implies, they are made up of multiple sections or panels.


These panels are hinged together and form flush as the garage door is closed to give a very stylish look.

Other styles of doors such as roller or tilt each have their own advantages – but if you are looking for true curb appeal, panel lift garage doors offer some of the best styles.

Different Materials Are Available

In the past, there have been many materials used to make garage doors, with timber being a favourite. However, whilst timber is hard wearing and has a good natural feel, modern day garage door manufacturers use steel or aluminium coated with extremely realistic timber look paint and finishing. There are numerous advantages to using a steel or aluminium door:

  • They are relatively lightweight
  • Fire resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Do not require oiling or re-sealing
  • Cost Less
  • Pest Resistant

You can also get panel lift garage doors that are dual skinned and insulated – so if you use your garage space as a workshop or extra living space, you can keep out the summer heat.

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