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Garage Door Repairs. Is Your Garage Safe?

Don’t Neglect Your Garage Door Repairs

When was the last time you took a look to see if your garage doors needed repair or replacement? Although garage doors are used frequently (daily, in some households), they frequently get overlooked for maintenance or repair until something goes badly wrong! Why wait until your garage door has become completely inoperable before getting the assistance you need for garage door repairs that will nip the problem in the bud? Take a look at our checklist and see if any issues apply to your door, if they do, prompt action is needed to stop the issue escalating:

  • Garage door openers that stick, screech or jar. The opening movement should be smooth and continuous, uneven movement means that attention is needed.
  • Slow, jerky opening movements – something may be amiss with the motor, remote control or lifting mechanism
  • Screeching or screaming during movement. Anything from a lack of lubrication through to wear and tear may be causing this problem.
  • A door that’s become warped or cracked, perhaps causing it to stick or jar. This type of problem may well be due to a timber construction, as wood is particularly vulnerable to the effects of water.
  • A door which is sticking, or hanging crookedly.

If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s probably best to get expert advice. Unfortunately, if you neglect garage door repairs, they can potentially become dangerous if left to deteriorate for long enough. Why take the risk? A trained and experienced fitter will be able to advise on whether the door can be repaired or whether it’s time to replace the door with a more up-to-date option.

Garage Door Repairs Are Often an Option

Problems with the lifting mechanism can often be fixed without the actual door needing to be replaced. Similarly, issues with the fixings can also be repaired with minimal disruption. Generally, a completely fresh door is only needed when the fabric of the installation has decayed measurably. In these circumstances, a wood-look synthetic or metal choice is likely to offer the most durable, low-maintenance product.

Contact Door Systems Australia to find out more about garage door repair or replacement.

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