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Garage Door Repair – What to Look For

Garage door repair can be to expensive, so it makes sense to keep yourself informed of what to look for and regularly maintain your garage doors and avoid being out of pocket.

Make sure you buy good quality

There’s always a trade off in quality when you select the lowest price. When you pay more,  you’re usually getting a better quality product. But you need to consider other factors. A reputable garage door installation company will usually have membership of their professional association. An association will have a published codes of conduct that can assure they’ll do their job properly. Also look at their reputation. Check on Facebook and Google and see what they’re reviews are like.

Yes, a more established company might charge you a little more, but they need to be sure they are training their staff and concentrating on maintaining their reputation.

A stitch in time…

It’s not all about choosing the right supplier and installer. You will need to organise regular inspection and maintenance. It doesn’t necessarily need to be you, your garage door repair expert might also offer a regular maintenance service, offering regular inspection, lubrication and verifying correct operation.

Any garage over two years old should have a check up done every twelve months. Either do it yourself or get a professional in.

Quick action is needed

If you believe there may be a problem, call in the garage door repair experts as soon as possible. Garage doors have some large and heavy moving parts and can cause serious injury. Calling in the experts early can ensure garage door safety.

Still not sure?

Get in touch with us at 02 9833 1687. We offer a full inspection service and will send you a detailed quotation via email.

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