What’s Next for the Garage Door Closer?

The innocuous garage door closer bears closer inspection. Over the past ten years, garage door closers have become highly sophisticated. This allows for all sorts of flexibility.

Today’s garage door closer can be accessed from anywhere

The advent of The Internet of Things (IoT) has turned home automation on its head. Many home appliances are now connected to the internet. The simple garage door has not been left out. It now forms part of the smart home system. There are very cool apps available that can allow automatic opening or prevent opening during certain times or even remote opening. You can even pair this up with a video camera doorbell connected to the internet. With this setup, you can remotely open the garage and let a delivery driver deposit packages in a secure place.

Geolocation built right in

With most smartphones also having integrated GPS mechanisms, the connected garage door closer can even open your door as you approach the house.

Garages are more than just vehicle storage

Over the past ten or so years, the trend has been a decrease in the square meterage of new homes. New homes are being smartly designed with smaller footprints, more stories and smaller aspects. This is being driven by a need to save money and make homes energy efficient.

Garages are now becoming more than simply vehicle storage rooms. More and more, they are places where important personal belongings are stored or where a second fridge is located.

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