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How to tension a Gliderol garage door spring

Is your Gliderol garage door closing or opening at the wrong speed, improperly, or unevenly? It could be a problem with the spring tension. Read on to find out how to make the necessary adjustments.

Identify the type of spring

Your Gliderol garage door either uses torsion springs or side-mounted extension springs. The latter is easy to adjust, while the former can be dangerous to meddle with and is best handled by a professional. Take a closer look at each type below to help you identify which spring you have:

Side-mounted extension springs

• Attached to a cable and pulley
• Run parallel to the door track on the upper part
• The cable holding the spring is hooked to the track hanger assembly
• Usually there’s two springs on each side of the garage door’s track

Torsion springs

• Run on a metal shaft, parallel to the upper part of the door
• The door is normally over 10 feet wide
• Smaller and lighter doors operate on a single torsion spring
• Heavier and larger doors use two torsion springs on each side of the central plate

Identify the problem

Common issues with Gliderol garage door springs include:

• The door closes unevenly to leave a gap
• It does not close properly or fully
• It closes or opens too quickly
• It’s difficult to open or close

Determine the solution

If your Gliderol door closes too quickly or is difficult to open, you may need to increase the tension, but if it opens too quickly, is difficult to close, or won’t close fully, you may have to decrease the tension. Finally, if the door is closing unevenly, consider adjusting the tension on the side where the gap is.

Adjusting your garage door

1. Open the garage door fully

Open the door to release the tension on the springs. Unplug the opener and pull the emergency release cord up and down to disconnect the door from the opener.

2. Hold the door in place

Use locking pliers or a C-clamp under the bottom rollers to prevent the door from rolling down.

3. Remove the spring hook and adjust the tension

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the nut that holds the spring hook in place. Move the hook to a higher or lower hole to increase or decrease tension respectively. You can also loosen or tighten the cable inside the spring to decrease or increase tension.

Professionals at Door Systems Australia can help you adjust the tension in your garage door springs. Contact us today for installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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